Specialty 3D Custom Tin Boxes

Does your need for custom tin boxes run to unique shapes and sizes? We can make virtually any 3D shape to fit your product - think snowmen shaped tin boxes, dolls (even babuska style dolls), cars and trucks or bottle shaped tin packaging - to name just a few. Our minimum order quantity 5000 specialty tin boxes and we may have a tin boxes tooling to fit your needs or we can produce a mold unique to your needs..

We think your unique tin packaging will sell more product and produce higher margins. Marketing communication has moved from traditional advertising to the shelf, where the shape, color and design of your packaging increasingly determines whether or not the consumer puts your product in the shopping cart. Custom tin packaging is a superb marketing tool, giving your product in our specialty tin boxes an upscale image. A big win - win.

Additionally, your brand will stay in the house for years because, believe us, these tin boxes are not discarded. Remember, 3000 plus toolings and our focus and attention throughout the entire process. Give us a call for high quality and unique tin packages. Reach us at 1-866-951-0299.