Decorative Tin Boxes Manufacturer
Custom Tin Packaging - 5000 piece minimum

Are you looking for a reliable North America based partner to supply custom tin boxes, including specialty packaging in unique tin shapes and sizes, to help your product stand out? Timeless Tins has over 3000 different toolings available for heart tins, egg shaped tins, hexagon tin packaging and star tins - to name just a few.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5,000 tin boxes, so call us today at 1-866-951-0299 and we'll get right on your specific requirement. Custom tin packaging can sell more product and produce higher margins - after all, everthing seems more valuable packaged in tin boxes. Specialty tin packaging is a superb marketing tool, giving your product an upscale image at a low cost. A big win - win.

Additionally, your brand will stay in the home for years because unique custom tin boxes are usually not discarded. Remember, 3000 plus toolings and our focus and attention from first contact through design, manufacture and delivery. Give us a call for high quality and unique custom tins delivered direct to your USA or Canada door - and be assured of our help and attention every step of the way. Our goal is to create a customer for life.