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Timeless Tins Ltd. creates innovative and memorable custom tin packaging for companies all over North America. We take great care in the concept, design, printing, assembly and shipping of your order. Everything we produce is custom to your specifications and minimums start as low as 3,000 pieces.

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Why custom tin packaging?

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Why Timeless Tins?

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Timeless Tins Ltd. is known for our prompt, personalized customer service, competitive pricing and attractive custom tin boxes of outstanding quality. Looking for popcorn tins, cookie tins, cannabis tins or custom decorative tins of any size or shape? Our team knows tin packaging and we manage each and every aspect of the process for you; concept, design, manufacturing, freight, customs and duty, and delivery to your door in the USA, Canada and elsewhere, all for one low price. We have over 4000+ custom toolings – so we likely have the shape and size you require. If not, we will create a custom mold for you for a very reasonable investment.

For more information about stylish and timeless packaging possibilities, call us today for a FREE estimate. Minimums start at just 3,000 pieces.


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