How our customers feel about Timeless Tins


"Let's just say without Timeless Tins - none of our success would have ever been possible. We at Lather Bee Rich really appreciate all the time and effort Petra at Timeless Tins spent with us helping to ensure that our beautiful tin boxes were just right.  We are totally impressed with the knowledge and dedicated concern for the environment.  Your passion is demonstrated in your choices of earth friendly materials and even in the resources used in the production of the tin packaging itself. We would recommend your company to absolutely anyone and everyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, beautifully crafted, custom designed, "Healthier-planet" type of tin packaging."

Cathie O'Kane - Lather Bee Rich Company

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Petra at Timeless tins for a little over a year now, creating the perfect custom tin packaging for my small cookie company.  She was so incredibly helpful in taking all the guesswork out of the packaging task and helped us seamlessly bring our beautiful custom tin boxes to life. As I told her once the tin boxes arrived; “Now I just need the cookies to sell, sell, sell so we can have a long running working relationship together!”

Jennfer Glover - Carolina Girl Cooks

"It was a pleasure working with Timeless Tins. Petra worked closely with us for over a year to give our chocolates and candy a Valentines Day custom tin package that would stand out from the competition.  We were impressed with her professionalism and dedication. All of Timeless Tins services were outstanding - from friendly informed customer service, product samples for our sales and marketing team, to on-time and safe delivery of our shipment. The excellent quality of the tin, printing and emboss was an essential factor when it came to choosing Timeless Tins as our custom tin packaging supplier. We are pleased with how everything turned out and look forward to working with Petra and Timeless Tins again."

Cheryl Hewitt - Ganong Chocolate


"In the beginning, the thought of creating a custom tin package was a little daunting. Timeless Tins managed each stage of the process efficiently, and handled all of our questions and concerns along the way. Petra and her team were a pleasure to work with, and their attention to detail created a Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn tin that we are thrilled to call ours!"

Carolyn Macgregor - Kernels Popcorn Ltd.

"This past year we decided to add a few more custom Kernels tins to our lineup. Timeless Tins did such an amazing job in helping us execute our first Kernels custom tin that we wanted Petra to be involved again. Petra and her team were professional; detail oriented, organized and managed the overall timeline. The quality of our custom popcorn tins and print are exceptional."
Bernice Sinopoli - Kernels Popcorn Ltd.


"We are priviliged to provide Timeless Tins with graphic design services for their clients' custom tin boxes. Our job as an marketing company is to work within specific budgets to provide a comprehensive strategic solution for the communication needs of our clients. Designing custom tin packaging is another way to accomplish that and with Timeless Tins' help we are able to further differentiate our clients from their competition."

Ralph Ragan - Ragan Communications Consulting