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If you are looking for 3000 - 5000 or more custom tin boxes give us a call us at 1-866-951-0299. We are located in the Pacific time zone in North America.

Part of the practicality and beauty of tin packaging lies in colorful 
design and terrific durability. As a custom tin manufacturer since 2006, we help your product stand out with original designs on tins which quickly move from the shelf to the home. Long after the contents of the box have been consumed, the custom tin packaging, with your brand on it, will still be in use! The tin may contain nuts and bolts, buttons or old photos but your logo is still front and center! This means more eyes on your brand over a longer period of time than with a bag or cardboard box.

When the consumer has an array of tin boxes and custom tin packaging from which to choose, the specialty tin box with the best design and most vibrant and attractive colors will win every time. A good custom design creates an immediate, eye-catching impression and it adds to the lasting value of your product. The custom package reinforces that your product is special, worthy of being given as a gift to a loved one. We produce works of art on tin and have over 3,000 molds from which you can choose.

Timeless Tins specializes in the manufacture and delivery of custom designed tin boxes that turn heads, beg to be touched and held, that increase perceived value and clearly set your product apart from the competition. Call us today at 1-866-951-0299 and get us working for YOU!


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