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Our custom tin packaging solutions come in many shapes and sizes including star shaped specialty tins. These custom tin boxes are unique and will set you apart from the competition. In fact, with over 3000 different toolings and many in star shapes, we probably have the size you require. If not, you can choose to create a new mold and manufacture custom star shaped tin boxes specific to your needs. A new tooling is a one time charge and is very afforable over the life of your tin packaging requirements. Our team works closely with you during the design and proofing stage, insuring your complete satisfaction with the finished product. We have been producing works of art in tin since 2006!

Timeless Tins is a custom tin packaging manufacturer – we will design and print whatever you require but we do not carry any stock or inventory.  Everything we do is custom to your specific needs. Our minimum order quantities start as low as 5000 pieces, depending on size. Please note that the entire process takes 8-10 weeks from sign-off on artwork - 4 weeks for production and 4 weeks for sea/land freight.

Call us today at 1-866-951-0299 to get the stars aligned!

Some star shaped tin packagingStar Tin Box Sample

Star Tin Box

Star Tin Box

Product Details

Product Code
Octagonal Tin Boxes
140 x 140 x 53 (H)mm
Roll-in bottom
Loose lid