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Our Story

Who we are

Timeless Tins Ltd. has been supplying tin packaging to clients throughout the United States and Canada since 2006. Our goal is simple and straightforward – acquire a customer for life through trust, collaboration and the development of works of art on custom tin boxes. We invite you to draw upon our extensive knowledge and years of experience to achieve a unique and memorable tin package for your product. You will appreciate our prompt, personalized customer service, competitive pricing, on time delivery and outstanding quality.

Our team knows custom tin packaging and we manage each and every aspect of the process for you; concept, design, proofing, manufacturing, freight forwarding – insured and delivered to your door. We manage EVERYTHING so you can focus on your business while we deal with the details. Minimums start at just 3,000 custom tins.

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Timeless Tins - Custom Tin Can Packaging

Meet Our Team

Petra Franke, Owner & Founder

Petra Franke founded Timeless Tins Ltd. in 2006 and since then has become perhaps the most knowledgeable and trusted vendor in the industry today. Her passion for the business and her goal of creating the perfect package for each client is evident from first contact. You will find Petra to be honest, responsive, straighforward and reliable.

Petra manages each of our clients’ projects from inception to delivery. Combine Petra’s detail orientation, creative eye, experience in branding, vast knowledge of the tin industry, prompt customer focused service and her personal attention to your project and you have the reason many of Timeless Tins’ customers consider Petra an extension of their business. Petra often jokes that everything should be in a custom tin package – call her today at 1-866-951-0299 to get started on your unique work of art!.

Petra Franke

Petra Franke

Owner & Founder

Ralph Ragan, Marketing & Sales Director

Ralph Ragan has over 30 years experience in the marketing and branding field and understands completely the power unique packaging has to motivate the consumer at the point of sale, whether online or at retail. Your product will stand out and carry with it a high perceived value.

Ralph’s primary focus at Timeless Tins is new business development, working with prospective clients to help them make a decision that will be good for their company – packaging their product in stunning custom tin boxes. If you have been considering tin packaging, call Ralph at 1-866-951-0299 today.

Ralph Ragan

Ralph Ragan

Marketing & Sales Director

The Design Team

  Whether you are starting from scratch, or wish to make adjustments to an existing tin packaging design, our designers collaborate with you on all aspects of the design process. Timeless Tins works with an in-house team as well as a talented open source team of creatives.

The Manufacturing

We offer flexible timelines, competitive pricing and access to over 4,000+ molds. The tin printing press is a seven-color lithographic press complemented by state of the art automated and semi-automated tin manufacturing equipment. All custom molds are made onsite, allowing us to be extremely competitive on price and enabling us to produce superb quality custom tin boxes. The factory passes stringent yearly audits and proudly produces custom tin packaging for numerous global brands. Minimums start at just 3,000 pieces.

We work hard to ensure that all aspects of production are completed efficiently and on-time.

The Logistics & Shipping

Our logistics team is responsible for our ocean, air and land freight services. We provide a “one stop shop” price with delivery direct to your warehouse door thus eliminating the need to manage the shipment process on your own.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote. We’d love to be of service to you and your company for all your custom tin can packaging needs. Minimums start at just 3,000 pieces


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