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Logistics & Shipping

We provide “one stop shop” pricing with delivery direct to your door

Our logistics team is responsible for our ocean, air and land freight services. We provide a “one stop shop” price with delivery of your custom tin packaging direct to your warehouse door, thus eliminating the need to manage the shipment process on your own. 

We know your cargo is precious so Timeless Tins has aligned ourselves with the leading Freight Forwarding company with a worldwide footprint. We offer end-to-end solutions based on know-how, infrastructure, processes and modern IT systems, insuring operational excellence and the best service quality. During this time of numerous supply chain challenges we are constantly on top of the evolving situation, doing our best to insure your tins arrive as quickly as possible.

Contact us today, to take advantage of our industry expertise, enjoy competitive rates and a seamless manufacturing process.

Why custom tin packaging?

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Custom Tin Molds

Custom Tin Process


For more information about stylish and timeless packaging possibilities, call us today for a FREE estimate. Minimums start at just 3,000 pieces.


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