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Custom Tin Products

Choose from over 4000+ existing custom tooling molds.


With over 4,000 molds at our disposal you can likely acquire your specific custom packaging requirements without the need to invest in a new tooling. You’ll also find lots of idea starters on the website for your own custom tin package, every kind of tin you can imagine – cookie tins, popcorn tins, heart shaped tins and spice tins to name just a few. Looking for a turnkey solution for all your custom tin packaging needs – design, manufacturing, sea freight, land freight, customs and duty right to your warehouse door? Timeless Tins delivers to the USA and Canada and beyond with minimum order quantities starting as low as 3,000 pieces.

Square & Rectangle Shaped Tins
Round & Cylinder Shaped Tins
Heart Shaped Tins
Christmas & Seasonal Shaped Tins
Popcorn Bucket Shaped Tins
Other Shaped Tins

Square & Rectangle Shaped Tins

An ordinary looking square or rectangular tin offers a host of different sizes, lid options, printing effects and accessory add-ons to make your cookie, candle or cracker tin packaging unique to your brand and product.

Your custom tin design options are nearly limitless. Contact us to learn more about how to make your custom tin can packaging stand out from your competitors.

Round & Cylinder Shaped Tins

Market your product in round and cylinder shaped custom tin packaging. With nearly endless sizes for any product, round and cylinder shaped tin boxes can accommodate loose leaf teas, coffee, candles, mints, confectionery sweets, cannabis or even tin packaging for film reels. Big or small, narrow or wide, long or short – round and cylinder shaped tin can packaging has a custom size for your every need. Let’s have a chat about all your custom tin packaging possibilities.

Heart Shaped Tins

Valentines Day packaging for your products! From chocolates to jewelry, cosmetics to toys, and so much more. Cute heart shaped valentine tin packaging that will be loved and cherished by the ones receiving it. Custom heart shaped tin boxes will be reused and repurposed for a long time, making them a timeless treasure, rather than cardboard that would decompose – steal hearts with your custom heart tin packaging.

Christmas & Other Seasonal Shaped Tins

Timeless Tins has numerous molds & toolings for seasonal packaging available to you to use. Christmas items include shapes like Christmas trees, snowmen tins, Santas, sleighs, gingerbread houses and so much more. For Christmas orders and other seasonal shaped tin orders, you will need to order a minimum of 4 months in advance as it is the busiest time of the year. Make your next holiday branded product a timeless one with beautiful custom Christmas tin packaging. Call us to find out more.

Popcorn Bucket Shaped Tins

One of Timeless Tins most special tin shapes are custom printed popcorn buckets. We provide a variety of popcorn buckets in different shapes and sizes in tapered buckets (they nest for shipping!), paint can style tin cans and even a “Popcorn Bag” tin mold. The creativity doesn’t just end here. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Other Shaped Tins

Timeless Tins offers over 4,000+ different molds tooling that you can choose from and customize with your personal touch. Tin packaging solutions come in so many shapes and sizes, from geometric shaped tins to 3D shaped tins and other tin products. For example:

  • balls, eggs, stars, other geometric shaped tins
  • buses, bicycles, cars, trucks, animals, trees,
  • money banks, treasure chests, lunch kits,
  • jugs, trays and signage

Get started today and call Timeless Tins to find out more about our unique shaped tins delivered to your warehouse door in Canada and the USA!

Why custom tin packaging?

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For more information about stylish and timeless packaging possibilities, call us today for a FREE estimate. Minimums start at just 3,000 pieces.


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