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Why Custom Tin Packaging?

Why Custom Tin Packaging?


Since custom printed tin boxes will likely be repurposed and reused, tin packaging will be a timeless collectible for your brand identity.  Part of the practicality and beauty of custom tin packaging lies in eye-catching designs, stunning, vibrant printed colors and terrific durability. Well designed tin packages can be considered a piece of art for your brand and will stay in homes for many years. Tin packaging is incorporated to package all manner of products – spice tins, cosmetic containers, wine bottle cylinder tins, cookie tins or cracker tins, gourmet popcorn tin buckets, tin boxes of chocolates – Tin can be used to package anything!

To learn more about creating your own “work of art” in tin, please view all about custom tin packaging.

Design Your Custom Tin Packaging

Why custom tin packaging?

Custom Tin Design


Custom Tin Molds

Custom Tin Process


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